kangen for horses

Kangen Water and Your Horse

Around the globe, water is the most overlooked part of animal nutrition. It is ironical, despite the underscored importance of water, many horse owners do not take this seriously. Unknown to them, water is the best medicine to deal with small common ailments in not only horses but also all other animals.
For a grown horse, water contributes to 65-70% of the body mass. Body muscles and fat fill up the rest. Therefore, you can easily conclude how important water is to the health of your horse.

The important roles of Kangen water in your horse’s body
What exactly does water do in a horse’s body? Here a few of the vital roles:
• Enhancing metabolism
• Helping in contraction and relaxation of muscles
• Regulating body temperature
• Lubrication of joints
• Digestion
• And elimination of wastes

The problem with source water

To your eyes, any clear water is good for consumption. Little did you know the harm it does to your horse. The toxic levels in such water are surprisingly high. The common impurities in this water include ammonia, lye, chlorine, fluorine and a collection of nitrates. With all these impurities, source water is no longer palatable. Giving your horse this kind of water will gradually affect his/her health.

Kangen water solution

If you were wondering on what kind of water you should give to your horse, the solution could never be closer to home. Kangen water® has earned global recognition as the safest for human and animal consumption.
The Kangen technology of purifying water dates back to 1950 in Russia before it spread to Japan. It is in Japan where the technology was perfected and widely adapted. Today, 20% of Japanese households use water treated through this technology.
Water needs for a horse are very particular and influenced by a number of factors. Some of these factors include daily activities, kind of diet and quantity of intake, weight gain, and prevailing temperatures as well pregnancy.
Therefore, it is mandatory that you satisfy the quantity and quality of the water you give to your horse. This is one of the ways to safeguard your horse’s health, quality of tissues and tendons.
But with Kangen water® technology, you can shelve your worries about the best water for your horse. With the Super SD 501, your horse needs and health are in the best care. You will be surprised by the many benefits this magical water formula will give to your horse.
The advantages of Kangen water to your horse
Now you know the importance of the right quality and quantity of water to your horse. Kangen water® in their wonderful Super SD 501 has countless benefits to the health and fitness of your horse. To give you a taste of what you should expect, here are some of those benefits:
• Keeps a clean and healthy gut
• Improved hoof and hair growth
• Cell hydration is optimized
• Streamlines metabolic activities
• Boosts energy generation
• Prevents many common horse ailments
What more could you want for your horse? Perfect health is a dream many horse owners hold dear for their racing beasts. Now you have a chance to give your horse just that. And to do that, the answer is ridiculously simple: Kangen water® technology and their unmatched Super SD 501.