The Veterans Trail to Horses

Operation Silver Spurs Seminar and Workshop
The Wisdom of the Horse™ seminar, combined with simple groundwork exercises, provide the veteran with a hands on experience that is key to an understanding of the power of partnership with horses.

Becoming a Hand
The ultimate experience of riding a horse and gaining all the benefits of doing so is possible only through quality instruction. Veterans are introduced to riding at this stage through the experience of qualified riding instructors.

The Wrangler
Riding a horse is one thing, becoming a horseman is another thing altogether. At this stage veterans advance to horsemanship through the basic teaching of Horsemanship and Feel. Operation Silver Spurs offers this experience through the horsemanship expertise of Brad Myers, recognized horseman, trainer and clinician.

The Cowboy
True horsemanship is more than technique. It is art and poetry in motion. The Cowboy rides as one with the horse using leadership and advanced riding techniques learned from Brad Myers’ popular “Becoming One with the Horse” clinic.


Operation Silver Spurs is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
and contributions are tax deductible.

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